Sunday 30 August 2009

better late than never ....

It was my intention to write this after the Opening Ceremony, but what with one thing and another it was about 1am when I got back to my room and .... sleep took over!

Yesterday we got into our office, and started getting properly settled - we are in the basement of the hotel although thank goodness there is some natural light from skylights, and the office is very large to accommodate the three of us - Carol, Christine and myself - in comfort with plenty of space for other people to come and work if they wish to. The photocopier has arrived, and our computers are plugged in and online, so work is well underway with Carol producing all the papers for the Executive Council Meetings, and Christine sorting out all manner of things. As for me, somehow there always seems to be plenty to do!

We stopped work at about 6 to go and change for the Opening Ceremony which was to be held in the theatre adjacent to the hotel. It is a lovely theatre, with lots of space, and with an impressive set comprising two ENORMOUS hands holding a projection screen on which was displayed the WBF Flag. The speeches were not too long, and then we had a famous concert pianist playing the Brazilian National Anthem and other pieces, followed by a show devised by Ernesto d'Orsi outlining the musical culture of Brazil; this included a fascinating dance routine and I was sad that my daughter Vickie, who teaches dance, could not see it as it was so unlike anything I have seen before and I am sure she would have been fascinated!

Following the Ceremony there was a cocktail party with delicious canapes (especially the little hot ones!) and various pasta dishes. However, unfortunately Mark had received a text message from Harvey asking for help with programming the Sonic Wall - a job that needs two very clear heads - so he missed all of this. But as it was all ending, they finished so we met up in the bar where they demolished beer and a toasted sandwich and chips before we all retired rather later than intended.

Now it is 10 am and I really (really) must do some work ! Play starts at 11, so all the teams are busy psyching themselves up - as are the TDs of course.
More to follow ...

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