Wednesday 25 November 2009

I cannot BELIEVE ...

... that we - no, not we - YOU have raised more money than last year for Children in Need - you bridge players never cease to amaze me ! The number of clubs that held raffles, had parties and set out to enjoy the event is just wonderful, and between you you have raised over £57,000 - an enormous amount and Mark and I can't tell you how thrilled we are. Thank you. Thank you all so so so much.

We went to the Children in Need night at the BBC which was amazing - we had invitations to the reception where to my joy I met Nick from the Apprentice (he is just wonderful!), got to meet THREE Dragons from Dragons Den and then met Prince Arthur from the series Merlin ... it was very exciting! Then we went to the show (after the news) and presented YOUR cheque to Terry Wogan. All very enjoyable - not so good was driving the 2-hour journey home at 02.00 in thick fog, but Mark is wonderful and did it in good time. Mind you we were a bit tired the next day! But thank you all for making that possible as well ... we had a wonderful time.

Now, to some news and information. I am really pleased to be able to give you the good news that the WBF Women's OnLine Bridge Tournaments are starting again on 1st December ... click here to find out more about them and do join us if you can and provided you are female of course :-). It is an enjoyable and social event for women players and we would love to have your company.

I have set up the start of a mailing list for Philadelphia, so do email me if you would like to be on it, then I can keep you up to date with news. There is also a list for Press, one for TDs and one for people interested in Women's bridge, so if you want those as well, do let me know - just give me your name (first and last names please), your country, and which lists you want to join and I will do the rest!

The EBU has posted information about what will happen next year regarding Simultaneous Pairs and P2P, so please click here where you can read about it.

Finally, our American friends will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow (Thursday) so Mark and I wish them all a very enjoyable day, whatever they happen to be doing !

Look after yourselves, and I will be in touch again soon ...