Wednesday 19 January 2011

It's an interesting world ...

First of all, have a look at this link to a U-Tube video about a “bridge village” in India … it’s a news story and I found it interesting  … just click here to go to it.


I have been putting information up on the website about various events – the European Open Teams Championships in Poznan .. always a good event, that one. Then the World Youth Bridge Congress is being held in Opatija, Croatia from 21 – 30 August. A great event for Junior players – under 25 and Youngsters, under 20. So please tell your young bridge playing friends about it ! Also on the website are some details of the qualified teams and qualification events for the World Championships in the Netherlands as well, for those of you who are interested. You can get to all of these by going to the website at


It’s a busy time for Simultaneous Pairs as well – the BGB Winter Pairs was held last week, and next week is our ECatsBridge/WBF Charity Pairs for UNICEF … that’s just a fun event, with no master points or prizes. 8th February sees the first Bridge England Pairs (it’s not too late to enter if you want to ..) then the beginning of March has the new EBU Stratified pairs followed closely by our own Charity Challenge event. Email me if you want to enter any of these wont’ you ?


On the home front – well the weather hasn’t been conducive to doing much (it’s nice today at last) though we did bestir ourselves to go and see the films The King’s Speech and Black Swan, both of which were absolutely amazing – we really enjoyed them. The cats spend most of their time curled up on radiators (there’s a surprise) and the chickens sulk underneath their coop and complain loudly about cold feet … I gave some thought to knitting them little socks but decided that they probably wouldn’t like the colours I chose!  The wild birds are munching their way through vast amounts of wild bird food and everyone envies our fish in their nice warm tropical tanks – one freshwater and the other marine!


So – what else can I tell you. Not a lot for now, so until next time, keep safe and warm and enjoy your bridge.


Wednesday 5 January 2011

Happy New Year

So – here we are in 2011 !


If you are interested, we have a sale in our bookshop – click here to have a look – you might find something you would enjoy !


BGB Sims next week – do you remember last year when we had to postpone it because of snow ? I am anxiously watching the weather forecast but, fingers crossed, it looks OK at the moment so do find a club and go along and enjoy the hands. The lists of participating clubs are on the website as normal.


I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year – we had a lovely relaxed time with family … lots of cooking and eating far too much of course, but it was fun and sort of cosy once the snow decided to clear enough to allow people to drive!


I don’t normally “do” new year resolutions but I will try and keep the one that says I should do my blog more often, so watch this space, won’t you J


all the best