Thursday 25 August 2011

Exciting day ...

I am a very proud grandmother - I really had to share it. My granddaughter Jasmine just got her GCSE results - she took 10 subjects and got straight A* across the board, plus a distinction ! I am just so pleased for her - a really wonderful result. She is very very excited :-)

And now, after the ringing round of the family and friends it is time to get back to my desk ! The material has all been sent for the Welsh Sims and the English Sims in September - the maps are on the website with the venues so if you are looking for somewhere to play, just click here and you will find them under the More information links for the events.

I will be getting ahead of the game soon as well, sending out the material for the BGB Autumn Pairs and the Children in Need events early because of being in the Netherlands at the World Championships ... I hate fire-fighting so do try and stay ahead ! 

Of course, it is all hotting up for the Championships in Veldhoven ... the systems are all on the website (click here), we are collecting photographs from all the players ready for the badges etc. 

On the more domestic front I am trying to clear things in the office so when we sell the house we can move easily, but that really isn't so easy. So much paperwork it's quite frightening ! And then you see fun toys like a scanning mouse and just have to buy it and add to the piles of "stuff". We have been here nearly 17 years, and there is just so so much ... ho hum. A selling spree on E-Bay may be the answer.

And now I really am going back to my desk. But I just had to tell the world about Jasmine. I am so so proud of her ...


Wednesday 10 August 2011

Anyone want a cough ?

I can't help feeling that a mid-summer cough is quite uncalled for ! Poor Mark had to put his headphones on and play lound music yesterday to drown the sound of my coughing !! I don't feel too bad, just hacking away like a good 'un. Ho hum.

It didn't stop us getting all the material sent out for the Welsh Bridge Union Simultaneous in early September though, and the results for the BGB Summer Pairs have also been sent (the files has=ve gone to the EBU for registering the master points as well ...) So that's two jobs out of the way. The EBU Autumn Pairs material will be sent next Tuesday.

We can still take entries for the WBU Sims and the EBU Sims so if your club would like to take part, do get in touch.

All the systems are now in for the World Championships, although there are still a few actually to be added to the site ... I iwll try and do that later today or tomorrow. Anyway if you are interested, you can find them all by clicking here.

Did you see the article about Bridge Players in the Business Insider website ? Click here to go to it ... see, we all have great business brains obviously !! I thought it was interesting though ...

Now, I wonder if anyone out there can help me ... I am looking for a copy of the World Championship Programme from Beijing in 1995 ... not to keep, but to borrow and scan. If you have one lurking in your archives and could send it to me, with your address contained in the package of course, I would love to get it scanned and would then return it to you immediately ... anyone ? Please ?

Right - time to put my work-hat on again and get on with things ! I will be in touch again soon ...

Look after yourselves, and enjoy the summer
anna x