Tuesday 21 July 2009

The wedding

this is actually going to be a very quick blog, because I am a) very tired and b) have to get on with some work as my email box is overflowing after having the weekend off for my daughter's wedding.

But I just wanted to let you know that it was a wonderful wonderful day ! It went really well - the sun came out at the right moments (the storm happened while we were in the church!).

A happy, happy, happy day. You can find a few photos on my Facebook thingy - just click here to go to it.

More later

Monday 13 July 2009


don't you just HATE programs that change their parameters when you upgrade them ? After doing a lot of work on the systems for Brazil, I discovered that Adobe wasn't embedding all the fonts, so the suit symbols from the CCE program showed as []{} ... and I have had to re-do them all ! Talk about irritating. Meant I had to do some work over the weekend to make sure it worked properly as well, which was not what I had intended. Oh well, these things happen I guess. Trouble was it didn't show up on my system becuase the font is actually installed, it is only on computers without the latest CCE that are affected. Maddening.

A good weekend otherwise though - even though sometimes I wonder when I look at the emails on a Monday morning!

The Bill Hughes pairs has finished, and I will be finalising it very shortly; the Kidney Research Pairs is "nearly there"! Don't forget the BGB Summer Pairs at the end of the month - that is a green point event, and the lists of clubs are here.

We nearly have all the names of all the teams for the World Championships, so it is all starting to get interesting, and it won't be too long before we do the draw. Do think about entering the Transnational Teams - such a great event. Information about Brazil can be found on the WBF site, and also here on ECatsBridge

Finally, something I should have done last week is to pay tribute to one of the great players of our time - Dick Freeman. I didn't know Dick very well, but when I had contact with him he was such a lovely person ... he will be much missed, obviously by his family but also by his team mates and many many friends in the bridge world.

more soon ...

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Time for a resolution !

To try and update this blog on a much more regular basis, even if it is shorter ! Otherwise it gets to a point where I dread doing it ... and where there is too much to say. So do keep checking back because I promise to try hard !

At the moment I am frantically registering convention cards for the World Championships - they are sent in a multiplicity of formats which I convert to PDF and then they will be posted on the website for the other teams to download so that they can prepare for the fray ! Not the most exciting job in the world, I admit, but one that needs doing.

And it doesn't leave much time for anything else, as they all seem to arrive right on the deadline! Ho Hum.

But I have found time to go and inspect the new additions to the family - three lovely chickens, named Heather, Grace and Claire, who are settling into their new home well and will (we hope) soon start to provide us with lovely fresh eggs!

More in a few days ... back to the systems (arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh)