Thursday 28 July 2011

Displacement Activity ...

I have spent all morning checking in systems for the World Championships ... making sure I mark the pairs that have sent them (so I can nag the ones that haven't!), converting them from various formats to PDF etc and putting them into directories ready to go to the website for downloading in due course. Not the most exciting job in the world... so I thought I would take five minutes out to write my blog and tell you a few bits about what is going on !

First of all, there has been a Press Release from IMSA concerning the SportAccord World Mind Sport Games in Beijing during December - click here to read that and click here to see which teams have been invited by the WBF to participate.

The BGB Summer Pairs was held on Monday and Tuesday this week - results are all on the website as normal. The next one will be the WBU Simultaneous at the beginning of September closely followed by the EBU one. All the material arrives from the printer next week, to fill up my hall before we send it all out to the participating clubs - it isn't too late to enter though ! Just email me if you want to take part and tell me which club, the address to send the material to, which day and how many tables you anticipate having and I will do the rest.

One of our main servers had a hiccup last week and we have presented it with a shiny new 2TB drive and have now got all our data back onto it from the backups. It's a great opportunity to have a good tidy up and get rid of duplicate files - quite staggering how many we have managed to accumulate !! And how long it takes to get rid of them as well. But it's a very satisfying task it has to be said and does mean that it is easier to find archive files etc.

There has been some information added about the World Championships, including the draws, and of course the systems will be going up quite soon ... just check back on the website and you will soon see if there are updates - and, of course, at

On a personal note ... did I tell you I am going to be a grandmother again ? I have a 16 year old granddaughter (awaiting her GCSE results poor girl), and the new baby is due to my other daughter around mid-September. All very exciting!

And now I am off back to those wonderful systems !

Keep safe ... xx

Thursday 14 July 2011

Weather forecast horrid !

Such a shame ... Mark was planning to take his sons to "Dragstalgia" at Santa Pod which they would all have loved, and it looks like it's going to pour with rain all day on Saturday and most of Sunday... and rain and drag racing don't mix. Maybe another time ...

Kidney Research Sims today - I do hope lots of you are playing to raise money for this extremely worthwhile Charity. The BGB Summer Pairs is at the end of the month of course - I have put the lists of clubs up, so you easily see where you can go to play in it. That one is Green Pointed, so a chance to win some of those precious points! Non-affiliated English clubs may play in this event, but there is a surcharge of 50p per player.

Then we have a "breather" through August before the Welsh Simultaneous (also green pointed) at the beginning of September, and the EBU's Autumn Pairs a week later. Clubs are, of course, welcome to play in either or both of these. English clubs must be affiliated to the EBU to participate.

I am starting on the fairly long haul of getting all the systems in for the World Championships in October - they need to be registered by 31st July, so if you are in one of the teams for the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup or d'Orsi Seniors Bowl, please send your system to me as soon as possible. Players in the Transnational Teams only need to register Red Sticker systems, but are encouraged to register their convention card whatever system they are playing - but the deadline is much later. Details of the Championships can be found on my website, and I have now published the draws, regulations etc. so do go and have a look if you have not already done so - just click here.You may also be interested to know that the World Computer Championships will be held during the event - more details of that are here.

For Junior players, the World Youth Bridge Congress is being staged in Opatija, Croatia .. this is a great event for youngsters, giving them the chance for some exciting and challenging bridge as well as to make new friends within the bridge "family" and meet other like-minded young people - so if you are reading this blog, and know of some young bridge players, do pass the word along ! It was great to note that the team winning the USA Trials for the chance to be Team USA 2 in the Bermuda Bowl were all players who until very recently participated in World Youth events.

Now I must get back to work ... I see some emails have pinged in with details of some more teams for the Netherlands and I need to go and deal with them :-)

Still haven't sold the house - don't forget, if you know someone who would like a lovely Old Railway Station ...

anna xx

Friday 1 July 2011

So long ....

I have been reminded (thank you Robbie & Mike!) that I haven't posted anything to my blog for ages ... and he is right of course. I haven't. 

The main reason has been big changes for us here at ECatsBridge with the EBU plans to take the EBU and BGB Simultaneous Pairs in-house after April next year ... they are going to be doing the organisation and are writing their own scoring program so a large part of our work will disappear. We will still be organising our own Children in Need and Charity Challenge events, of course, as well as the Welsh Bridge Union Sims and the ones like the Kidney Research etc - but we are going to miss it, not just financially, though obviously it makes a big difference, but also all the contact with the clubs which I really enjoy! I am sure, however, that with the events we will still be organising, that we will still have lots of contact and I look forward to that.

This has all resulted in a major decision to down-size, so our Railway Station is on the market ... if you know of anyone who would like lovely converted Old Railway Station in Suffolk do get in touch ! 

On the bridge front, things progress much as they have always done - we are heading for the Kidney Research Simultaneous Pairs (still just time to enter ...) and of course, the BGB Summer Pairs at the end of July. 

My workload for the World Championships is building up nicely as the various systems start to arrive in my in-box, and (being one who likes to get ahead and hates fire-fighting) I have been getting stuff ready for the WBU Autumn Pairs at the beginning of September, plus the other Autumn Simultaneous and our own Children in Need event. In fact my eyes are on stalks this evening and it is really time to call it a day and head for the shops as I have friends coming for dinner tonight and promised them a curry ! And I need to marinade the chicken ... 

For those of you who follow our  ECats Cats, you will, I am sure, be very sad to hear that Emale, Mark's lovely Burmese, developed a throat tumour and is now buried on the bank in the garden with Bear and Taggie. So we only have one cat for the time being ... maybe as we are moving it is just as well and we will wait until we are re-settled before thinking about another.

So ... lots happening, lots of changes in the offing. And I WILL try and remember to write my blog more often... apologies to you for not keeping up !