Friday 13 April 2007

Lovely Easter !

Wow weren't we lucky with the weather - we had a fabulous relaxing Easter ! My daughter Catherine and her partner, Mark (another Mark !), came up from Bristol and we did lovely things like visit the zoo (baby aardvark - so cute) and go to a bird reserve to see the wetland birds, and sit in the garden and enjoy the peace and quiet. It was great. I do hope you all had a good time as well.

Then came Tuesday and back to earth with a thump !

Wednesday saw the first of three BGB Simultaneous Pairs and the results have been rushing in as clubs upload to the servers. Nice that they are all in London now (we wave to them when we go past Canary Wharf) - it makes it much quieter in the office without them and we don't have to panic every time there is a thunderstorm, worrying about the power going off! Living in the country is great but it does have the occasional drawback - I remember running a big sim and having the local farmer put his digger through the mains!!

The EBU Simultaneous Pairs material has now been dispatched and I have a reminder pinging me to put the club lists up, which I will try and do on Monday if not this evening.

The first batch of World Wide packages have left here, and we have more to pack on Monday - bless her, my other daughter, Vickie has said she will come and give me a hand which is great because she will bring Jasmine, my granddaughter with her so I can spoil her !

The master points from the Charity Challenge will go out after the weekend - sorry for the delay on that but what with Easter and everything else it has taken a bit longer than I would have liked. The master point list is on the website if you want to see how many you earned.

If your club wants to enter the World Wide, do email me, because we would love to have your company, wherever you are on the planet :-)

We are also starting to work towards Shanghai and the World Championships in September - there is lots of information on the website about that - click here to go to it. I will let you know when I put new stuff up - there is bound to be lots coming through as we get nearer to the event. And remember that there is the World Transnational Open Teams Championship in the 2nd week - anyone in good standing with their Federation can play in this, and I have some pretty leaflets about it, so if you want one, email me and I will pop it in the post for you. It is a marvellous event and you get to enjoy the final stages of the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and Seniors Bowl as well, with all the tensions and excitement that is created by that. Enormous fun - truly. And Shanghai as well ... all that shopping ! I can't wait !! Mind you, I will be working there, not playing bridge, but it will still be enormous fun I know.

That's it for now ... look after yourselves !