Wednesday 23 June 2010

European Championships and Sims (again !)

We have packed and posted the UK results from the World Wide Simultaneous Pairs ... and the list of English overall master points has been sent to the EBU for registration.


We have also packed and posted the material for the BGB Simultaneous Pairs at the end of July ... I wanted to get that out before people started going on holiday.


Both these went 2nd class yesterday so should be dropping through letter boxes towards the end of the week.


The European Teams Championships is kicking off this week (makes a change from football !) Details of the BBO matches, where to find the results and bulletins and – if you find it interesting – all the convention cards for the teams are linked from :


So do watch and “cheer” your teams on !



Wednesday 16 June 2010

me and dates

I don’t know what it is about me and dates ... I just keep getting them wrong ! For those of you I emailed yesterday, I have already emailed again to confirm that the Kidney Research pairs is actually on THURSDAY 8TH July, and not 7th as I stated.


But having grown three grey hairs as a result of that one, it was then pointed out that I had put the dates of the EBU event wrongly as well – it is on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th September ... I put the day right but got the dates wrong, as 12th & 13th !


One day I will learn a) to triple check and b) not to do these emails at the end of a long and tiring day.


So apologies if I confused you – hopefully this will put the record straight!


Thursday 10 June 2010

Forthcoming Sims ...

Great news : The EBU has agreed that non affiliated English clubs can be included in the Kidney Research and Charity Challenge Simultaneous pairs as well as in the Children in Need event! See for their statement which is on the front page and has all the details.


The Kidney Research Pairs is on 7th July ... and Mike Rogerson would love to hear from new clubs who want to join in! You can email me and I will pass it on if you would like to take part.


All clubs are welcome – the entry fee is just £2.00 per player and it is such a worthwhile cause.


We will soon be sending the booklets to the printers for the Welsh Sim Pairs in September – they are running it over five days this time, with different hands each night ... The dates are Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th and Friday 10th September.


The WBU is a very small NBO, and really does need supporting by as many clubs as possible, so if you fancy playing in it, do see if your club would join them. The funds go to support the Welsh Air Ambulance, as well as development of bridge in Wales.


English clubs must be affiliated, but it is Green Pointed, and the entry fee is just £2.50 per player (P2P charges still apply for English clubs); do get in touch if you want to play – just email me – . Clubs from other countries are, of course, very welcome J


I was at my computer all weekend with the World Wide Bridge Contest running – it went very well and has now been finalised ... and people certainly appeared to enjoy it. The booklets are really good, thanks to Eric Kokish. So it was a good opportunity for me to get ahead with some tasks in between answering the queries and so forth. My task for tomorrow is to do all the master point stuff – a complex one this, so bear with me for a day or two while I sort it out.



Thursday 3 June 2010

EBU Sims Results

The two EBU Spring Pairs are now finalised, and I have sent the file off to the EBU for direct registration of the points for the English Clubs. I am told that it will take about a month for them to appear on your records. If you go to the website, the list of awards is there in pdf format for you to download and have a look at if you are interested.


The ones from the BGB Spring Pairs will, I am told, appear on your records next week sometime.


That’s all – just a snippet of information today !

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Sims and Systems!

Well, the World Wide contest is on Friday and Saturday – do try and find a club to play at, because it is great fun and Eric Kokish’s commentary is brilliant !! Details are here


I must thank Transglobal Express who have done a wonderful job whizzing the packages of booklets to clubs all over the world in record time for us. Good service guys, well done ! If you need packs sent out, give them a rock. They do a great job.


The systems for the European Championships are all on the website now (well, nearly all – we are waiting for one or two to come through). They can be found at: and for those of you interested in such things I am sure will make fascinating reading!


The Championship starts on 22nd June in Ostend, and will be great I am sure. I won’t be there but I will, like many thousands of other people, be watching the results and reading the bulletins on Internet.


We had a lovely weekend in France for the Bank Holiday – it was Ron Tacchi’s birthday and we “channelled” over with Mark Horton and his future wife Liz and stayed in a very nice Auberge for the weekend. Lots of Ron’s family were there and a good time was had by all. Despite the rather inclement weather!


Now it is time to stop and go and pull up a few weeds that have grown enormously in my absence ! More soon ....