Monday 7 March 2011


At last – some sunshine today ! Makes the world look so much happier J


Lots happening on the Bridge Scene at the moment – the EBU’s first Stratified Sims is about to happen (it starts today). As the material is all sent by email, it isn’t too late for clubs to enter during the rest of the week ! details at:


you can just email me for the files ( as usual) if you want to take part – tell me which club it is and which day you want to play and I will get the information to you.


Forthcoming International events include the Cuba Bridge Festival from 20th – 28th May which combines the CACBF Zonal Championships with an Open Festival which sounds marvellous – have a look at which has the details. And if you need help booking flights etc go to – some friends of mine set this up and it really does make me want to go to Cuba !


Then there are the European Open Championships in Poznan, Poland from 17 June – 2 July. The details are in a letter from the EBL President, Yves Aubry, which is published on the front page of the website at … you can download it from there and read all about it. Another great event for you to consider.


There is the normal set of Simultaneous Pairs coming up of course – have a look at the calendar for the dates of these :


And then, come the Autumn we have the World Championships in the Netherlands ! The Transnational Teams is an Open event, so members in good standing of any WBF NBO are very welcome to participate ! Full details are at:


Now it’s time to close the door again – the sunshine may be enticing but the wind is still too cold to keep it open for long !


Best regards