Tuesday 11 November 2008

Children in Need

Just a brief note here, to say thank you to all the clubs who have decided to join us for the ECatsBridge for Children in Need event and to all the marvellous bridge players who are coming along to play in the events and donating lots of lovely money !

Obviously we are hoping to equal (or exceed) last year's total, but whatever the outcome, your money will be going to help Children who need help ! All the money raised on the night goes directly to the Charity. 

We are going up to the BBC Studio on Friday and will be in the audience for the second part of the show (10.30 - 2 am !) waving a cheque with the ECats Cat on it, so do watch out for us.

I hope that you found the hands intersting and fun ... they are just ordinary computer deals I promise!

For those of you interested in the World Events if you go to the pages about Beijing (click here) you will find lots of data from the World Championships and the Mind Sport Games - all the results and bulletins etc. And if you read my older blogs you can find out more about it !

look after yourselves - I will be "blogging again" in due course!