Friday 18 April 2008

Brrr ... it's still cold

We went to Oxfordshire at the weekend, to see my sister, and visit Avebury. Lovely sunshine, but hailshowers as well and my goodness the wind was cold! We had great fun nevertheless and it was a nice break. AND I got to visit my fantastic 95-year old Aunt, who I hadn't seen for ages. She hadn't changed a scrap and is still as lively and as much fun as ever. For those of you who are Agatha Christie fans, think Miss Marple :-)

While I was gone, my assistant (well, actually my lovely elder daughter on this occasion!) packed up the master points etc for the Charity Challenge and the WBU sims (the Master point lists are on the site if you want to download them and see how well you did) and they will be in the post on Monday with my apologies for them being a bit later than normal.

We are working on the frequencies for the BGB events held earlier this month and will be emailing any queries to the clubs (and on keying in the ones that have been sent to us) and then I will get the material out for the World Wide. Of course the EBU Sims are in between and the booklets for the BGB Summer sims are with the printers, and the ones for the EBU Autumn Sims are with the proof-reader ... do you get the feeling this is a not-stop process ? I do !!

Incidentally, I am being asked a lot about what will happen with the new EBU Strategy proposalsECatsBridge Sim for Children in Need) will be open to everyone, including non EBU affiliated clubs. It is not yet decided what will happen about the BGB events but there is a meeting later this month and hopefully I will be able to post an answer to that here afterwards - so watch this space!

The WBF/BBO Women's Festival was a great success - if you didn't take part this year but would like a reminder about it before it happens again next year, drop me an email and I will add you to the mailing list. And don't forget if you want updates about Beijing and the World Championships, email me and I will add you to the mailing list for that. I also run a Press List and a Tournament Directors list, so if you want to be added to any or all, let me know - just tell me your name, which country you are in and which list you want to join : click here to email me! And I have only just thought of it, but if you want I can email you to tell you I have put a new blog ... let me know :-) After all, you really enjoy my deathless prose don't you?

What else ? Oh yes - a reminder about Pau and the European Championships ... if you are playing please let me have your systems as soon as you can. The deadline is 10 May but it really does help if you can get them in earlier !

So that's about it until next time ... Watch this space, as they say ... I'll be back !