Tuesday 13 November 2012

Children in Need and things ..

Well, Children in Need seems to be going well - we have lots of clubs taking part, though it is a shame we lost so many with the Police thingy elections - hopefully those displaced from their own clubs will play elsewhere. You can see the up to date total on the website - http://www.ecatsbridge.com/  so watch it as it rises and lets see how close to last year's total we get !

It has been a strange summer without the BGB or EBU Sims to deal with ... we are still trying to sell the house, but haven't had any joy, although we do have a couple who seem interested, so please all of you, keep your fingers crossed for us. We really do need to move on !

We are still pretty busy on the Sims front, as the World Bridge Federation has introduced four new Simultaneous Pairs to raise money for Youth Bridge, so that we can assist some of the less developed countries - have a look at our calendar and you can see the dates there. Do join us if you can ... it is a very worthwhile cause and the entry fee is very low. All the details are here. Then there is the new Celtic Simultaneous Pairs ... the first one is in December and you can read about it here.

We had a lovely trip to Scotland earlier in the autumn, in our new motor home  ... named Badger ... We were so fed up with putting our lives on hold because of waiting to move, and getting really down about it so we had a rush of blood to the head and bought Badger and it is really great fun ! We have kitted him out with lots of bits and bobs and he will be getting internet satellite very soon so it makes it easier for us to work while we are away. I love cooking so we had a wonderful time visiting local farm shops and buying lovely local produce for me to be inventive with. The only reason for a visit to a supermarket was to buy wine ... and nothing else !!

What else - well I had a trip out to Lausanne to the WBF head office there for some meetings about Anti-Doping in bridge, which were fascinating. And we also talked a lot about the WBF website and I will be doing some work for that after January.

So - that's about it really - do join us for some of the simultaneous Pairs in the future won't you - many of the ones we run are for Charity so you can do some good while playing your favourite game !