Monday 18 January 2010

Haiti Disaster Appeal

We are running a Simultaneous Pairs for the Haiti Disaster Appeal. It will be played on Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th January - please please join us if you can, or donate if you can't play. There will be different hands each night and we will score them across the field if you upload the results to the servers. There are no master points or prizes, just the chance to play some bridge, see how you got on against the other people in the world playing that night and the opportunity to donate some money to help where help is obviously desperately needed.

All we need is for you to email us and tell us: your name, which club you are, which country you are in and which day you want to play. We will then send you a file with all you need - a set of hand records, a set of travellers with the hands on, a README file with instructions, and the dealing files to use if you have a dealing machine. Gary Fan from the USA has done a partial commentary on a couple of the sets and that will be uploaded after the event, but if someone feels like doing a quick commentary on one of the other sets, please get in touch and we will send you the hands!

Just as an example of how people feel, we had this email today:

Currently my son is with a group of about 15 church people on a mission in Haiti; part of the group near Jacmel and the other at Fond Perisien. They were blocked off from getting to Port au Prince by rock or land slides covering roads, but are now trying to make their way to the Dominican Republic. While Jacmel suffered considerable damage, none of the group were hurt and are safe. The group emanated from Frankfort, Kentucky the Capital City Christian Church on a journey to bring clothing, school supplies, etc. They arrived in P.A.P Haiti on/about 8th or 9th January and went forward on their mission into the mountains and then got swept up in the quake. Have been in touch with Ben who assures me they are safe, but it is still a long journey home, but on the whole it is not the journey they expected from beginning to end. I probably won't hear from him personally again until they are on American soil. Thanks for your considering the Haiti Diaster Relief for your charity

Please - play, enjoy and donate whatever you can

anna & Mark
The ECatsBridge Team