Thursday 20 March 2008

Happy Easter

First day of spring tomorrow - and the weather forecast is dire, with snow, hail and frost all to come ! That's going to scare all the daffodils and the lovely swathes of wild violets on my bank ! Probably scare me too, but Mark and I have a weekend of decorating planned ... lots of wallpaper to hang and things like that!

Anyway, there is plenty of fun bridge coming your way this spring, kicking off with the WBF / BBO Women's Festival at the beginning of April - you must register by 1st April if you want to play in this so do log on and get your registration done quickly!

Then come the BGB Simultaneous Pairs - all three of them - starting on 8th April; click here to find the club lists so you can see where you want to play ... if your club is listed at the bottom of the page, do try and send me the postcode of the premises so that we can pinpoint you on the map - much more fun! We won't put your contact number if you don't want us to, but we can add your website if you have one. And if you don't why not consider joining the ECatsBridge Club so you can put your results up using our scoring system - just £50+VAT for a whole year?

At the end of next week, my hall is going to disappear under all the material for the World Wide Bridge Contest (I will try and remember to post a picture up in my next blog!), so to save me tripping over it, do let me know as soon as you can if you want me to send you the booklets etc then Mark won't get cross with me when he tries to get through the front door!

Did you know that we stock Andrew Robson's books in the ECatsBridge Shop ? And that we have a special offer of bar-coded cards (5 bar code) for duplimate machines from the World Championships in Shanghai? They are used, of course, so no pretty boxes or cellophane, they are just held together with elastic bands, but truly they look brand new (only used a few times of course) and are less expensive than buying new. Plus you get the fun of playing with cards that the World Champions used !

That's about it for now - have a very Happy Easter ... I hope the bunny is good to you and brings you some lovely chocolate!