Friday 17 September 2010

On a countdown ...

To Philadelphia and the World Bridge Series. It is going to be SUCH fun !

If you haven’t entered yet, it isn’t too late – click here for some more information about it …
If you are coming and want to download systems from the very few pairs who have registered them in advance, you can click here to find them (and the ones for the Youth Championships as well …)

What news have I other than that ? Well, not a lot really – we had a great weekend last weekend, attending Mark Horton’s wedding to Liz Granato, which was lovely.

 Then we went over to Aberporth where we stayed in a lovely hotel – the Penrallt. Very comfy, beautifully quiet and what a gorgeous part of the world. We were very lucky on the Sunday as the sun shone for us as we walked in the Preseli hills to find the source of the bluestones that are in Stonehenge – it was a glorious walk and of course fascinating for us as we are so interested in Neolithic archaeology ! The next day it reverted to rain … lots and lots of rain ! We went to the CAT centre and got soaked – and no, nothing to do with furry purry things, it is the Centre for Alternative Technology and we had a great time despite the weather’s best efforts!

Then back to work. And today we have the Tour of England cycle race coming through right past us here at the station ! We will be out there with the cameras and when I get pics of that and our holiday on flickr I will give you a link, but that requires a bit of time !! And tomorrow I am off to a course on Artisan Bread Making for the day, which should be great fun J

So back to bridge – you don’t want all my witterings about my life ! The WBU and EBU sims ran peacefully (I still have a couple of heats to enter) and now I am looking forward to the BGB event in October and, of course, to Children in Need in November !

And now I must get back to work … I will be doing (or trying to do …) a daily blog from the Championships, so watch this space !