Tuesday 23 December 2008

Thank you - and Happy Christmas

My first purpose with this blog is to thank the many of you (over 16,000 of you !) who contributed so generously to our Children In Need Simultaneous Pairs. We have sent in over £56,000 which is just incredible. Bridge players are, without doubt, wonderful ! Mark and I never cease to be amazed, but this year you really have surpassed yourselves. Thank you, thank you.

We had a wonderful time at the CiN night - it was enormous fun and great to be part of it. Shortly after that we went up to Orkney for what was meant to be just a few days, but turned out to be rather longer as the car broke down, and parts had to be shipped 200 miles before it could be repaired, so it meant I got a bit behind-hand, so apologies for delays on responses to emails etc.

I will be in touch again early in the New Year with news of forthcoming events and such like ! In the mean time, Mark and I  (and, of course, our ECats cats) wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  - I hope that it is a healthy and peaceful year for you even if it isn't quite as prosperous as it might be !! 

With very best wishes
Anna & Mark - the ECatsBridge Team