Thursday 28 May 2009

Sim Pairs news (mainly!)

Well, we are on track for the World Wide Bridge Contest, happening next week (5th & 6th June) so do try and find a club to play in - the list of UK clubs is on our site - just click here to go directly the page, and the ACBL has a list of US & Canadian clubs on their site - click here for that. It promises to be an excellent event with the usual great commentary from Eric Kokish ... mind you he doesn't always get it right so ... let's see what happens !

We are being asked what will happen next year with regard to Simultaneous Pairs when the new P2P regulations are introduced by the EBU.

The four EBU events (2 in May and 2 in September) will only be open to EBU affiliated clubs, but the others that we score – the BGB events and all the Charity events, the World, European and any other non-EBU events will be unaffected, and everyone will be welcome to participate whether or not they are affiliated to the Union.

We will be working with the EBU regarding the automatic registration of Master Points for all events and our new file format fully supports this.

I am working to "get ahead" this year, because the World Championships in Brazil are earlier than normal - I will be going at the end of August, so I have to be super-organised in order to be ready for all the Autumn events. I can't believe that I have already done most of the work to prepare for all the events including our own Children in Need Pairs in November!

Information about the World Championships is on the website of course, and will be added to quite frequently now it is starting t get closer - why don't you join us out there and play in the Transnational Open Teams - it's a great event and what a chance to meet all those top players !

Mark whisked me away to Wales for a weekend, now that I am just about over the pneumonia - he thought it would do me good and it did !! Have a look at the pictures - click here to see them. It was such fun and we had a great time. It is really funny though, when we go to new places (I haven't been to North Wales for about 20 years and only went to Prestatyn then ...) I tend to spot all the places on the map where I know there are Bridge Clubs from the Sim Pairs ! It was great fun seeing where Ynys Mon play, or passing Dollgellau (another club I "know") - and finally learning how to pronounce one or two of the place names! North Wales is beautiful, and I can highly recommend it !

Now I had better get back to the final frequency checks from the recent EBU Event so that I can close it and send out the results and Master points. Then I can stop work and go and sow some more carrots ...

look after yourselves, and I am sure we will be in touch again soon

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