Wednesday 22 April 2009

What a start to spring !

I must apologise to many of you who have had to wait for answers to emails / telephone calls and so forth ... I got a shocking cold the week before Easter but as we had planned to go away for the Easter Weekend, I did my best to ignore it, and at 04.00 on Good Friday morning Mark and I headed North for the weekend. I did the first 5 hours driving, but soon after I handed over the steering wheel I started to feel really ill! By the time we reached our destination I was running a high temperature, and went to the doctor, who diagnosed pneumonia and prescribed some VERY strong "horse pills". I was incapacitated for a week - I couldn't even face having Mark drive me home, and I am still a bit weak and feeble even now and having to rest in the afternoons. So many apologies if you haven't had replies etc - please feel free to nag and I will do my best to help ! And I am sure that normal service will be resumed soon !

The BGB Simultaneous Pairs took place last week, and the TD will be checking the frequencies later this week so that we can send out the queries on those. The EBU Simultaneous Pairs is at the beginning of May and I have just put the clubs lists up, so have a look and see if there is a club near you where you can play. Fast on the heels of that one comes the World Wide Bridge Contest - as usual the commentary is a long one by Eric Kokish and excellent value, so do join us for that if you can.

We are all working towards the Bermuda Bowl which is being held in Sao Paulo and should be enormous fun - and of course there are the Junior Championships in Turkey, so any of you under-25s should have a look at the details for those.

That's about it for now - you can probably tell that I am tired by the short message ! Iwill put a new blog up when I feel a bit better


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