Friday 3 October 2008

Safe in Beijing

Well, I arrived in China safely after a very uneventful if somewhat boring flight … I am lucky as jet lag doesn’t seem to affect me. We landed at about 9.20 and were taken by shuttle to the Beijing International Convention Centre to collect our badges – unfortunate that, as someone else had collected them on our behalf and brought them to the hotel and the other convention centre, the CNCC, so off we shuttled again over to our hotel. I am very lucky to be staying at the Beijing Intercontinental, and very nice it is too – my room is enormous with all “mod cons”.

The usual chaos greeted us of course – it is amazing how everything seems to come together though, and as I write this we are heading for the Welcome Cocktail which is being held here for the Open, Women’s and Senior Teams and then we go off to the Opening Ceremony for the Youth Teams which is being held at the Indoor Sports Centre.

We are right in the heart of the Olympic Village here – there is a “bridge” between the hotel and the CNCC and as we walk across we can see the Birds Nest Stadium and the Water Cube – not much to look at during the day, but spectacular at night.

The playing rooms are in the area that was used to stage the Olympic Fencing competitions and is enormous, very well lit and a great area for the teams games. I haven’t had a chance to get to the auditorium where the vu graph is being held but I am told it is magnificent!

I will try and keep a blog going (and get some pictures up) so that you can get a bit of a “behind the scenes” flavour of the event. So do come back for more !

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