Saturday 30 August 2008

... I didn't think it could get busier !

... but it can ! Now I am knee deep (or perhaps that should be computer deep) in systems, all the convention cards for all the players coming to Beijing! You can find them all by clicking here if you are interested ... all the information I have about Beijing is there and I hope to do a regular blog from the Championships as I did from Shanghai last year.

I did manage to escape the chains that bind me to my desk last weekend though, and we took Mark's beloved Mustang to "The Nats" ... the national hotrod get-together. It was great fun. I know many of you who know me will laugh at the thought, but we spent the weekend camping, and I have the picture to prove it - have a look at my Flickr page - just click here!

But - back to the bridge world. Next week sees the Welsh Simultaneous running, then on 15th & 16th it is the English one, and next thing we know we are into October and it is time for the BGB Sims. There are a number of other ones happening as well, of course, like the EBU Schools and Minibridge and Students sims ... just have a look at the calendar which goes right through to 2010 for dates of forthcoming events. And don't forget our very own event - the ECatsBridge for Children In Need pairs to be held over 5 days (different hands each day ...) in November. Very close to our hearts this one, and we hope as many people as possible will join us - and that goes for overseas clubs too are so welcome, believe me!

Can I just remind those of you going to Beijing for the Championships to check a few of the regulations - particularly those about anti-doping, the dress code, the fact the Brown Sticker and HUM systems are NOT permitted at any time, that if you are defending against a Multi 2 diamond you may take your defences to the table and such like ... most of these are in the FAQ area on my website, so please check it out. As I put updates on the site about Beijing they will appear here by the way.

And now I must stop before I bore you to distraction - and anyway, it is time to go and get a coffee before starting on checking the ID forms and making sure we have them all. Keep your fingers crossed for me that my Visa comes through OK won't you !!


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