Thursday 7 August 2008

The Busiest Time EVER!

I really truly cannot recall ever having been quite this busy! I have a hall full of Simultaneous Pairs material, my email is overflowing with ID Cards and systems for Beijing, I am trying to get the Children in Need booklets typeset and ready for the printer and so it goes on !!

Anyway - what's new ? Well, all the preparation for Beijing is in full (and I mean FULL) swing. For those of you interested in the Transnational Mixed Teams please please register and get all your ID forms filled in and so forth - I have just put up some FAQ pages on the site to try and help with all the questions you may have about the event.

It is all very exciting despite the work, and I am sure will be great fun. I am looking forward to seeing the Olympics starting tomorrow and seeing some of the places where we will be in October. Keep an eye on the pages on the site though as that is where I will be posting updates.

On a slightly more mundane level, the BGB Summer Pairs has been and gone (along with summer I think ...), and we hope to finalise that early next week, when I will post the master point lists and so forth.

The packs are about to go out for the EBU Autumn Pairs - can't wait, as I keep tripping over the sacks, but I forgot to phone the post office today. Oops ... but I was otherwise occupied as our wonderful Victorian drains decided not to be as wonderful as normal !! Luckily I have always lived in old houses so am used to coping. We are also working on getting everything ready for the WBU simultaneous and all the material for the BGB Autumn Pairs is here too - arrrrrrrrrrgghhh! That will go out next week, very early I know but with Beijing in the offing it just has to be. Email me if you haven't entered any of these and would like to and I will sort it out for you. Once I have got them out of my hair I must get the booklets for our own ECatsBridge for Children in Need event off to the printers!

Don't forget to have a look at Mark's Silverlight application with the photographs will you ? His next article in PCPro is all about how he did it so if you want you can buy a copy and read all about it !!

And in between the work (and the showers and thunderstorms) I can be found knee deep in weeds as I try to keep control of my veggie patch - I am VERY proud of myself, as at the moment we are completely self sufficient for salads and vegetables. My first year of doing it and we have lots of potatoes, carrots, beans (3 sorts), lettuces, beetroot, peas and onions. I am really chuffed and so enjoying doing it. So you can think of me at weekends, weeding away like a good 'un!

Now I am going to stop wittering on and go and do some more work ... look after yourselves won't you - let's hope we get some better weather soon so we can have a barbecue or two !

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