Tuesday 30 January 2007

Oh that wonderful smell of toner !

Well, the BGB Sims have been finalised, and the results are printed - we have two printers here in the office and Mark gets so cross with me when I am doing the results because I take them both over completely and he can't print anything for about two days ! Now we are getting them all into the envelopes with the heat winner prizes etc ready to wing them off to you in the next couple of days. The office has that warm and wonderful smell of toner and hot printers - luckily it has been mild and I have been able to have the door open for a little while.

In the meantime I am busy getting the paperwork ready for the EBU Spring Sims and the World Wide Sims, as well as getting hands to the commentators for the EBU and BGB Autumn Sims, nagging the commentator for the Summer Sims, looking ahead to the Children in Need, tripping over the boxes of booklets for the Charity Challenge Sims, and waiting for the delivery of the booklets for the BGB Spring sims so I can trip over those as well!

Fortunately for me (and the family) none of this impinges on my kitchen, which is a Work Free Zone - I love cooking and it is the time of my day when I can relax and be creative ... seems I make a reasonable hash of it, as my friends like coming here to eat ! Last night it was honey & soy chicken parcels served with cardamom rice and stir-fried vegetables ... yummy.

So - back to the sims I guess ... ho hum !

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