Thursday, 8 February 2007

Lovely white stuff !

It is snowing and I love it ! But I am lucky - living and working in a Railway station means I only have to walk across the platform to get to work :-) Here is a picture of our office in the snow ... pretty isn't it ! I am sure I could get the car out and get to the shops if I needed to, but it is much more fun to play at being completely snowed in and dig some chilli out of the freezer to have with baked potatoes tonight. The cats have reacted in different ways - Taggie, the old lady, is happily sitting outside and getting whiter. Phercad, who is quite barmy, dashes in and out in a breathless, wild-eyed fashion, gasping at the strangeness, and Emale, who just hates the cold (and the wind and the heat and almost any other weather conditions) is firmly ensconced behind my computer where the heat from the radiator comes up over my desk. He complains loud and long if it goes off, and will undoubtedly spend the day there. Click here to learn more about the cats if you are interested!

Anyway, that's not what I really wanted to tell you about today .. I have just been sending out information about the European Open Championships to be held in Antalya in June. And "open" in this case means anyone can play as long as they are approved by their own National Federation. It is being held at the World of Wonders resort and more information about the event itself, together with details of how to register, can be found on the EBL Website.

I have also been updating the pages about Shanghai and the World Championships in September - click here to see when the zonals are, which teams are going to play and even the first set of names! And don't forget - the World Transnational Teams is another Open event that everyone can play in provided they are approved by their Federation!

Now it is time to go and clear a bit of the platform area so I can feed the birds, then it is back to work on the EBU website which is my main "job of the day"

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