Monday 22 January 2007

Monday Monday

Having spent the weekend painting the hall, it is back to my desk with a vengeance this morning.
The WBF Charity Pairs start tonight - I hope we manage to raise lots of lovely money for the WBF School - Results and information is here, and you can make a donation even if you can't play!

There is also a mass of information to go onto the EBU site and I will be working on that this afternoon, then it is onto the Regulations for Shanghai, deep joy and an update of the pages about the World Championships. I will post a message here when I have done the update, so do keep coming back and having a look.


Brendana said...

Anna, Nice to put a face to the name. Was this really posted at 5.45am??? Cheers, Brendan Alston

Gemma said...

Great picture,Anna! So nice to know 1) how much you love what you do 2) you don't have to do it all the time 3) you do a lot of other fun things! .. Waiting to read more!