Thursday 15 September 2011

Busy times indeed ...

Well, a short while ago we really thought we had sold the house, so we hared off to spend a bit of time looking for a new one, and found some lovely ones that we would be happy to live in. But it wasn't to be. The buyer couldn't raise the money, which was such a shame ... all that excitement blown away. Now back to the drawing board - or at least the estate agents to try and find a new buyer. Ho Hum ... doesn't anyone want our lovely Railway Station ?

And all at a time when the bridge world is exploding with activity ! The WBU Sims last week, the EBU Sims this week, the BGB Sims coming up in October, and of course our own ECatsBridge Simultaneous Pairs for Children in Need is on the horizon, with all the booklets arriving soon and needing posting !

I will be sending confirmations to the clubs today, but if haven't yet entered... now's the time! Just email me and let me know which club you are, which day you want to play and how many tables you expect and I will sort it out for you ... oh and don't forget to include a mailing address for the booklets !! Please join us and help us raise lots of lovely money for Children in Need ... we have raised a total of £464,176 since we started the event in 2002 ... can we top the half-million this year ? Wouldn't that be wonderful !

In addition to all that of course, there are the World Championships in the offing ... they are in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and I have been working on the Systems for the event (you can find all of them by clicking here) as well as collecting the photographs of all the players for the badges, dealing with the regulations and all sorts of stuff. It seems never ending. I will be glad to get to the Netherlands for a break !

Not much other news really - there hasn't been time for me to do much else really. I hope all is well with you as the new bridge season gets under way and let's hope for a nice sunny autumn.

anna xx

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