Wednesday 2 June 2010

Sims and Systems!

Well, the World Wide contest is on Friday and Saturday – do try and find a club to play at, because it is great fun and Eric Kokish’s commentary is brilliant !! Details are here


I must thank Transglobal Express who have done a wonderful job whizzing the packages of booklets to clubs all over the world in record time for us. Good service guys, well done ! If you need packs sent out, give them a rock. They do a great job.


The systems for the European Championships are all on the website now (well, nearly all – we are waiting for one or two to come through). They can be found at: and for those of you interested in such things I am sure will make fascinating reading!


The Championship starts on 22nd June in Ostend, and will be great I am sure. I won’t be there but I will, like many thousands of other people, be watching the results and reading the bulletins on Internet.


We had a lovely weekend in France for the Bank Holiday – it was Ron Tacchi’s birthday and we “channelled” over with Mark Horton and his future wife Liz and stayed in a very nice Auberge for the weekend. Lots of Ron’s family were there and a good time was had by all. Despite the rather inclement weather!


Now it is time to stop and go and pull up a few weeds that have grown enormously in my absence ! More soon ....

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