Thursday 10 June 2010

Forthcoming Sims ...

Great news : The EBU has agreed that non affiliated English clubs can be included in the Kidney Research and Charity Challenge Simultaneous pairs as well as in the Children in Need event! See for their statement which is on the front page and has all the details.


The Kidney Research Pairs is on 7th July ... and Mike Rogerson would love to hear from new clubs who want to join in! You can email me and I will pass it on if you would like to take part.


All clubs are welcome – the entry fee is just £2.00 per player and it is such a worthwhile cause.


We will soon be sending the booklets to the printers for the Welsh Sim Pairs in September – they are running it over five days this time, with different hands each night ... The dates are Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th and Friday 10th September.


The WBU is a very small NBO, and really does need supporting by as many clubs as possible, so if you fancy playing in it, do see if your club would join them. The funds go to support the Welsh Air Ambulance, as well as development of bridge in Wales.


English clubs must be affiliated, but it is Green Pointed, and the entry fee is just £2.50 per player (P2P charges still apply for English clubs); do get in touch if you want to play – just email me – . Clubs from other countries are, of course, very welcome J


I was at my computer all weekend with the World Wide Bridge Contest running – it went very well and has now been finalised ... and people certainly appeared to enjoy it. The booklets are really good, thanks to Eric Kokish. So it was a good opportunity for me to get ahead with some tasks in between answering the queries and so forth. My task for tomorrow is to do all the master point stuff – a complex one this, so bear with me for a day or two while I sort it out.



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Anonymous said...

The Charity Challenge and Kidney Research Simuls may not be affected by P2P fees this year, but from April 2011 P2P is applicable and whilst non-affiliated clubs may participate they too will be subject to an additional charge per person in line with the P2P fee in force. Whilst I understand not being able to donate all the Licence Fee to the charity like with Children In Need, there really is no need for the EBU to charge P2P fees for charity events, especially to members of non-affiliated clubs. Shame on you EBU!!