Friday 18 February 2011

What a week!

Why are some weeks far more frantic than others – this week has been seriously frenetic, not just on the work front but on the home front as well! But today is Friday and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend! Well fairly relaxing after I have dealt with the ironing, the general cleaning and getting ready for a dinner party that we are having here on Saturday evening J


I have just sent out the files for the EBU Stratified Simultaneous Pairs – looks like that is going to be an interesting event, the first of its kind, where the participants will be competing in their own “field” as it were – details can be found on the EBU Site and it is not too late to enter ! The material is all sent by email, you see, so entries can be made right up to the last minute (well within reason – you do have to rely on me being at my desk to send the file out …). So – if your club is interested, do email me. It is being played over a week – Monday to Friday 7th – 11th March with different hands each night so clubs can play every night if they want to … or at least players can go from one participating club to another participating club and play on two different days! The entry fee is only £2 per player as well and of course the commentaries will be on the website at the end of the evening for downloading and enjoying. I think the only proviso is that your club must be affiliated to the EBU …


The week after that, on Thursday 17th March, there is the Charity Challenge Simultaneous Pairs – for the second year we are raising money for Epilepsy Action and The Meath, which is where Mark’s much loved sister Janet lived happily in safety until her death a short while ago following an epileptic seizure. We hope to raise a lot of money for these causes, so please please join us if you can.


Then we head for Spring – oh joy. And the April Pairs, but that is a way off yet. Hopefully the daffodils will be out soon – I have some primroses in a sheltered spot in my garden, and a few snowdrops, so there are signs that spring is coming!


Keep well – keep safe. And do join us for some of these events if you can !


all the best



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