Friday 19 November 2010

Children in Need

I can’t tell you how hectic it has been here the last week or two (or three …) in the run up to Children in Need night. All the Simultaneous Pairs are now played, and the clubs are telling us how much they have raised – you can see the list and the running total of pledges at . We will be here until early afternoon adding in more pledges as they arrive before we write “the cheque” and head into London and the BBC Studios for the show tonight …we will be in the audience from 10.30 pm so keep an eye out for us with the ECatsBridge cheque won’t you ?


It has been great fun organising it all, and we do hope everyone enjoyed playing in it – I heard that some of the hands were “challenging” !


This is going to be a very brief blog but I will try and get back to blogging regularly soon I promise J


Wish us luck tonight – and if want to make a donation, please go to the website where you can send us money for Children in Need via PayPal or using credit card ….


all the best



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