Tuesday 24 August 2010

Such fun ...

Lots of things happening at the moment and most of them are fun stuff ! We are about to have the ceiling raised in our hallway (it was “dropped” by the previous people and looks rather odd for a railway station entrance). So … mess and chaos will ensue no doubt, but it won’t be the first time.


Tim (Mark’s son) and his girlfriend have found a place to rent and will be moving out – we are so pleased for them, it will be so much nicer for them than the “bed-sit” we were able to provide on Platform 2. They will be able to stretch out a bit and spread their wings! They will be taking some of the furniture from the spare room, so poor Mark is going to get nagged to build me a lovely big cupboard. Railway stations tend to lack things like the “cupboard under the stairs” for the vacuum cleaner and things like that, so it will be great if we can make a hidden space for those instead of having them lurking!


On the work front … well, the Welsh Sim Pairs is at the beginning of September, so not long now … not too late for clubs to enter if they want to though! Just email me and let me know. And the English Sims are in the second week – the Monday and Tuesday. Again, entries are still welcome!


Philadelphia and the World Bridge Series Championships loom large of course. I am currently working on the Youth system cards and they will go up on the web site ere long. It’s going to be an AMAZING event – and another one that it isn’t too late to enter! All the details are on my site, and of course on the WBF Site at www.worldbridge.or and the USBF site at www.usbf.org  . Why not come along and enjoy the experience of playing in the Championship events – so exciting and such fun!


We are planning to go to the NATS (=car show with hot rods!) this weekend, and take Sally, Mark’s beloved 1966 Mustang Convertible so we are hoping for good weather, not like yesterday when we had torrential rain ! So keep your fingers crossed for us.


More anon …


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