Friday 1 June 2007

Busy Times!

This spring has seemed particularly frantic for some reason - lots going on, and lots coming up ! I managed to escape for a few days, to Orkney as usual, which was wonderful, but despite trying to keep on top of emails while I was away, there seemed to be a pile of stuff to do when I got back - ho hum. Took some pictures while I was there - if you want to see them they are on my Flickr pages

As I write this, the first clubs are uploading results from the World Wide Bridge Contest - it seems a long time ago that my daughter and granddaughter came over to help me pack up the last of the booklets ready to send out and I took this picture of them in the office. I do hope those of you play in the event enjoy it - and the excellent commentary by Eric Kokish! Click here for the results pages.

The European Open Championships start soon, in Antalya - all the information is on the EBL site, which will also have the results and bulletins once it all gets going. Vu-Graph will be broadcast live on BBO as well of course!

Now it is probably time to take a deep (very deep) breath and start looking forward to the World Championships in Shanghai - there is more information on the website - including the Conditions of Contest - so click here to go to the relevant pages. Do join us for the Transnational Teams if you can - it is such a great event and I am sure you would love it. And you get the chance to enjoy all the fun and excitement of the final stages of the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and Seniors Bowl!

The BGB and EBU Spring Pairs have come and gone, and we are now looking forward to the BGB Summer Pairs at the end of July - but there are also the Bill Hughes and Kidney Research events in between. So if your club isn't yet entered and wants to be, click the links and you will see what to do ! Overseas clubs are welcome to join in these events if they wish ... the more the merrier.

So - back to work ... time to typset the Children in Need booklets I guess. It never stops !!