Sunday, 5 October 2008

Long and tiring day ...

So, it is Sunday - it has been raining most of the day though obviously that hasn't affected us. There seem to have been a lot of niggling problems today, that have really prevented us getting much real work done. The technical problem of no results being available on the web until last night was duly solved thank goodness, though there are still some glitches - getting different systems to "talk" to each other seems to be the problem!

The venue for the Youth Games  is quite a distance away, and that in itself causes problems with the shuttles and makes it difficult for people getting here ... the traffic is very heavy but we are told it will improve this week now that the Chinese holiday is over - it seems that the world wanted to visit the Olympic site during their holidays and it has been incredibly crowded and busy.

I assume the bridge is going well - the playing rooms are enormous as I know well, since I have to cross them to get to the area where we can get our lunch! It seems like miles.

I am sad to be here today, though because I am missing Mark's birthday - again! I was in Shanghai last year and this year it is Beijing. The good news is that next year, when we are in Sao Paolo, it is much earlier and I will be back in good time to celebrate with him ! So - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mark!

The Executive Meetings started today, so Carol (Carol von Linstow, the WBF Secretary) was in the meetings all day "minuting" which Christine Francin (the Assistant Treasurer) and I dealt with the various things that came up during the day. 

So now I am quite tired. And I am off out of the hotel for a change, going with some members of the Press to an Indian Restaurant they have found and I am really looking forward to it. I hope I won't be too late to bed, as it will be an early start again tomorrow (07.30 in the office this morning - yuk! ) 

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