Friday, 10 October 2008

And I thought it would be more relaxing today !

How wrong can you be !! There was me thinking that with the big meeting out of the way, and the 50th Anniversary Dinner that it would be more peaceful ... how wrong can you be!

anway, let's start with last night - we went to the Crown Plaza hotel, for what was really a most enjoyable evening! I was on a table with Carol, Mark Horton, Patrick Jourdain, Per & Britt Jannersten and David Stern from Australia, and we were then joined by the Vice President of FIDE, so had a chess player in our midst. I didn't manage to pronounce his name at all - it is Zurab Azmaiparashvili and he is from Georgia; he and his wife were excellent company and very interesting to talk to so I had a really lovely evening (the food was good too !). We were presented with special medals to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the WBF which was lovely as well, and I am delighted about that as well. 

This morning started with the WBF Women's Committee Meeting - I am secretary to the Committee so was there to take the minutes (memo to self - get them typed up!) and it was a very lively meeting with decisions made about Women's Online Tournaments (for more information and to go on my Women's Bridge mailing list, just email me)

Then I had to get all the invoices ready for the Transnational Mixed Teams and get some of the later entries into the database, while at the same time fielding questions from teams, individuals, Executive members etc about various things.

Now it is just about time to close down and head to meet an old friend in the bar to catch up on some gossip ... I am just waiting to see if I am needed after the Captains' Meeting which is going on next door to my office, where they are deciding who-plays-who in the Round of 16. Nailbiting stuff it seems ... all very intense in there with the Bulletin Staff and press waiting to get the news of the draw.

Oh - I am told it was ANOTHER blue sky day today ... they are coming thick and fast !!

Right - time to leave ! more tomorrow ....

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