Tuesday, 7 October 2008

It's very late ...

 So this is just a short note tonight - I am hungry and tired, but there was some work I needed to do on Simultaneous Pairs, never mind stuff for here today!

The championships are hotting up and I am told that the bridge is getting quite exciting ... it certainly seems quite tense now as I walk through the playing rooms, and everyone is coming along the corridor discussing hands - well, shall we say - vigorously !!

Work in the offices continues much as normal - the main meetings finished today, and we have been working on delegates lists for the WBF Meeting of Congress which is on Thursday, to try and ensure that as many countries as possible are represented as it is important for everyone to know what is going on in the WBF and how things are going to develop in the future.

Our coffee machine (we have one in the office courtesy of lovely David Stern from Australia who brought it with him) is being overworked now that we have been able to get some extra capsules of coffee, but it is keeping us all going especially at those moments after lunch when you really start flagging - nothing like a good espresso for waking you up !

I shudder to think how many photocopies are being made - I will try and get hold of some statistics for you before the end of the event, because the numbers stack up like you would not believe!

and now ... I am going ! more tomorrow !

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