Saturday, 6 October 2007

It's getting positively tense here

It's the last day of the round robin - indeed as I type it is the end of the last match, and the qualifiers will be decided in a few minutes. For the rest of the teams it is either a plane ticket home or entry into the Transnational Open Teams ! Looks like it was all quite close at the top as well with an exciting finish in the race for qualification! It is just finishing then there will be the Captains' Meeting to determine who plays who in the quarter finals - thank goodness I don't have to attend that :-)

It's been quite a reasonable day for me, sorting out Transnational entries as teams realise they will not be playing in the Knock out stages, finding some pictures of Beijing for the Bulletin, to tell the world about the World Mind Sport Games next year, printing up some more documents for the Laws Committee and generally dealing with various bits and bobs as they came up.

Seems we are in for a typhoon either tonight or tomorrow morning, so that will be an interesting experience. The local organisers don't think it will disrupt play but it may not be too good for the Grand Prix tomorrow ! Looks like the drivers are in for very wet conditions!

Don't forget to go to the page of links on the site to find out all about this tournament will you - you can get all the convention cards of the players and see what systems they are playing as well if you are interested.

Tonight I am off out for a birthday party, and the Birthday Girl (Adele Wignall from New Zealand) has expressed a strong wish to eat Peking Duck, so we have found a nice restaurant and will be off there shortly. Now it is time to try and phone my daughter - thank goodness for VOIP! and then close the computer down so it can cool off and be ready for me tomorrow.

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