Thursday, 4 October 2007

Heavens what a day !

The office has really been buzzing today - lots of emails to start the morning, deep joy - thank goodness for good virus protection as there were about a dozen with a particularly unpleasant trojan worm ! So, that dealt with, the day really got going with people needing notices doing for the bulletin, changes made to transnational teams then a meeting about youth bridge with two of the Australians.

The pace this afternoon didn't let up either, with designing posters for the President's Dinner this evening to tell people where to go, plus I was interviewed on Vu-Graph by Jean Paul Meyer - a very nerve-wracking experience let me tell you ... I am unused to being in the public eye like that ... normally I am just behind a computer screen :-) Then there was the President's speech to be typed and corrected ready for him to deliver this evening.

I left you last night to go out for dinner with two members of the Australian Open team - we had a lovely evening, at a Japanese Restaurant. I don't "do" sashimi, but the food we ordered was delicious - some super beef, savoury noodles to die for, vegetable tempura ... all sorts of yummy things !

And tonight I leave you to go and change ready for the President's dinner, always a great occasion and one I really look forward to. I will tell you about it tomorrow :-)

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