Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Spring is Sprung ...

... and I am not sure my poor hands will ever recover from the gardening I have been doing, but at least it all looks a bit tidier and I have got some of my tubs planted up !

On the bridge front, it is the usual scramble to get the files to the printers for the World Wide booklets - don't forget to enter that will you ? All the details are on the website - just click here for the information. It is such a fun event, with clubs from all over the world competing - so your scores are compared with players from New Zealand to Alaska. We love watching the results coming in as the world spins and the time zones change - it is really exciting, even after doing it so many times!

Have you got - or has your club or organisation got - a bridge related website ? If so, do make sure it is linked from our site. Just click here and you can a) check and b) enter it yourself if it isn't there. And when I see it come through I will make it live - have to do that or some dear soul will put something up that is totally unsuitable !

So what else - well, we are really getting our fish tank going ! It is tropical freshwater, and we have some zebra danios, neon tetras, glass catfish, honey gouramis, a couple of khouli loaches (which we never see!) and two adorable, very busy little corys! And don't let's forget the two angel fish - small ones or they might eat the tetras. It is such fun .. it is a 300 litre tank so there is plenty of room for some additions as time goes by.

It is going to be a very hectic and social week, culminating with Oliver's birthday celebration on Friday (Oliver is Mark's younger son). I have agreed to do a Chinese feast for 10 - I normally do about 10 different dishes, including lemon chicken, Szechuan Prawns, sizzling beef, Kung Po Chicken and I try and do a completely new dish each time to add to my repetoire. I LOVE cooking - my major relaxation at the end of a day.

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