Thursday, 1 March 2007

Horrible bugs ...

Things have caught up on me a bit this week, mainly because I have spent 2 1/2 days in bed fast asleep - heaven knows what the bug was, but it knocked me for six - I slept for about 36 hours out of 48, but am much better today thank goodness. Which is just as well, as there is lots to do!

We have sent out all the material for the April Sims - the Wednesday and Friday sackloads (28 of them) went last week, and another 13 sacks will leave here tomorrow containing the Thursday packs. And I can tell you I will be very glad to see the back of them ! My ex-husband used to reckon that if he nailed a matchbox in the middle of an empty floor I would trip over it, so you can imagine how I am with a hall full of sacks ! The only thing is ... the travellers for the EBU May event arrive next week, so there will be a whole set of new boxes just lying in wait for me. Ho hum !

By the way - speaking of Sims - the club list for the Charity Challenge Pairs is up, so do try and find somewhere to play... Action Medical Research is such a good cause and we would like to raise lots and lots of lovely money for them.

So what is new in the bridge world - well, I have been asked to tell you about the Estoril Bridge Festival in April - this is an excellent event I am told, so you might want to have a look at the brochure - click here to go to it. And don't forget that if you go to our Events pages there are lots of different tournaments etc that you might want to play in - or perhaps you would like to add your own event ? You can see the link on that page so that you can do it yourself!

One thing I did get a chance to do over the weekend (before I succumbed to that totally uncalledfor bug that attacked me) was to add to our pages about the ECats Cats - you see EMale now has a friend in South Africa, who is trying to persuade him to learn bridge (yes, OK, I know -we are not the sanest people here at the Railway Station, but hey - life is for having fun and enjoying !). Click here to find out more about Emale and sevenlives!

Now it is the end of the day, lots of plants have arrived for our splendid new tropical fish tank, and I am off to help Mark plant them! Pictures will be forthcoming in due course.

Happy March days !

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