Thursday, 28 July 2011

Displacement Activity ...

I have spent all morning checking in systems for the World Championships ... making sure I mark the pairs that have sent them (so I can nag the ones that haven't!), converting them from various formats to PDF etc and putting them into directories ready to go to the website for downloading in due course. Not the most exciting job in the world... so I thought I would take five minutes out to write my blog and tell you a few bits about what is going on !

First of all, there has been a Press Release from IMSA concerning the SportAccord World Mind Sport Games in Beijing during December - click here to read that and click here to see which teams have been invited by the WBF to participate.

The BGB Summer Pairs was held on Monday and Tuesday this week - results are all on the website as normal. The next one will be the WBU Simultaneous at the beginning of September closely followed by the EBU one. All the material arrives from the printer next week, to fill up my hall before we send it all out to the participating clubs - it isn't too late to enter though ! Just email me if you want to take part and tell me which club, the address to send the material to, which day and how many tables you anticipate having and I will do the rest.

One of our main servers had a hiccup last week and we have presented it with a shiny new 2TB drive and have now got all our data back onto it from the backups. It's a great opportunity to have a good tidy up and get rid of duplicate files - quite staggering how many we have managed to accumulate !! And how long it takes to get rid of them as well. But it's a very satisfying task it has to be said and does mean that it is easier to find archive files etc.

There has been some information added about the World Championships, including the draws, and of course the systems will be going up quite soon ... just check back on the website and you will soon see if there are updates - and, of course, at

On a personal note ... did I tell you I am going to be a grandmother again ? I have a 16 year old granddaughter (awaiting her GCSE results poor girl), and the new baby is due to my other daughter around mid-September. All very exciting!

And now I am off back to those wonderful systems !

Keep safe ... xx

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